Production Countries

Hunkydory doesn’t own any factories of its own instead, we have our garments produced by carefully selected suppliers who can fulfill our high demands on the quality of the product as well as our social and environmental standards. Our philosophy is to have long and close relations with our suppliers and to develop our product in close co-operation with them.

We work with factories in Portugal, Italy, Morocco, Turkey, India, and China.

Portugal is one of the European countries that still have a thriving textile industry. They have a long tradition of developing beautiful high-quality materials. The factories in general in Portugal are very advanced when it comes to new technique and environmental standards. Other advantages are the short lead-times for both transport and production and the possibility of producing lower quantities.

The production of our beautifully tailored suits and coats, as well as our jersey, are examples of products we make in Portugal. All our production in Portugal is made through a local production agent. They keep daily contact with all our suppliers and visit them on regular basis to make sure everything is running.

Portugal is considered a ”low-risk” country, and we don’t perform 3-party audits. All suppliers are visited by the Hunkydory staff and they must sign and comply with our Code of Conduct.

Italy is a country well-known for its textile industry. There is no other country that is as good in denim production as Italy. Our manufacturer is located in Umbria and is well-known for high-quality standards.

In Morocco, we work with one supplier of knitwear. It is a small family-run business with very high skills. Morocco offers the possibility to work with high-quality European yarns, with shorter lead-times compared to Asia, and with reasonable prices.

The factory has been audited many times by Fair Wear Foundation, BSCI, Sedex, and WRAP. They have been awarded the WRAP GOLD Certificate of Compliance.

Turkey is a country well-known for its leather production. The factory we work with is a small business located in Istanbul. Working with many high-end brands, they can secure very high quality. They have been audited by BSCI with very good results.

India is a country with a long tradition of textile production. The workers are highly skilled and experts in handcraft. We work with two factories, one for woven blouses and one for jerseys. Both are newly built with high standards. Audits have been done by Fair Wear Foundations and BSCI and in one of them, we have also arranged training in Workers Rights and prevention of sexual harassment.

One of the factories is about to be certified as the first ”Green factory” in the area, having high environmental standards with solar cells, a system to harvest rainwater, and much more.

China has one of the world's longest traditions of textile production — sometimes mistaken for low-price equal to low quality. This could not be more wrong! On the contrary, some of the world’s most advanced factories are in China. They have highly skilled workers and no country can beat China when it comes to handcraft and details. We produce various products in China — knitwear, light wovens, and outerwear.

The factories we work with have a high standard when it comes to product quality. They work with several European brands that have very high demands on both social and environmental standards, and they have been audited many times by organizations such as Fair Wear Foundation, BSCI, and WRAP.

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